After a year of pandemic ... What are our reflections?

After a year of pandemic ... What are our reflections?
18 Mar 2021

The rapid spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus around the world prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. One year after that demonstration, we continue to live with the coronavirus and we have had to change our social habits due to physical distancing, include the mask as an obligatory part of our outfit or wash our hands frequently .

Now, we are optimistically crossing the threshold of a new stage marked by the hope of a vaccine that will immunize the population and the desire to maintain the continued slowdown in infections globally. But, in this year, we have also been able to verify very positive aspects in our society, such as:

  • The ability of human beings to adapt to adversity
  • The unity of the entire scientific community to seek a treatment and a vaccine
  • The decrease in air pollution

We have reached the beginning of the end of this unusual time and, after the devastating effects on health that we all know, we are faced with the economic crisis that has triggered the harsh measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus and, in this way, save millions of lives (continuous travel restrictions, strict confinements, border closures, quarantines ...).

How has the coronavirus affected the sale of properties in Moraira?

To resist the continuous total or partial confinements that have been practiced in all cities of the world, companies have had to reinvent themselves by working from home and making use of the latest technologies.

CASAS AMBIENTE's expert team of real estate agents has demonstrated their great professionalism and qualification by adapting to the most innovative technologies, which has allowed us to maintain contact with clients through videoconferences , as well as by email or telephone calls. On the other hand, we have made available to our public the use of new virtual services that allow you to visit a property with the same guarantees as if it were in person :

In recent months, we have also seen the increase in customer interest in apartments with large terraces or villas with private plots , which allow you to enjoy the sun and the outdoors without leaving the property. The excellent climate of the Costa Blanca has been a determining factor that has positively influenced the demand for housing, both among the national and international public. As a consequence, the properties for sale in Moraira maintain their important weight in the real estate market, which implies the stabilization of their price. Once again, Moraira remains the perfect place to make a real estate investment.

Although we cannot speak in general, as far as CASAS AMBIENTE is concerned, our clients have relied on our long and expert professional career to find them the property they want without them being present and, with the help of technological methods, to be able to find their ideal home in Spain. This has been the reason why at CASAS AMBIENTE we have had a difficult year, but with very good results.

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