Villas for sale Moraira

Villas for sale Moraira

We know that living on the Spanish Costa Blanca is the dream you most desire. Now you have the opportunity to visit our villas for sale Moraira and you will make your illusions come true.

Moraira is a beautiful town located on the Costa Blanca North.

It has spectacular corners both in its beautiful coastline and in the fruitful agricultural valley that it has.

This gives you the opportunity to choose if you want to live in a rural or maritime environment.

The amazing coastline of Moraira has magical coves of turquoise blue, where its calm waters are ideal for the practice of fun water sports such as snorkeling, sailing or beautiful kayak excursions.

You can discover interesting underwater routes with dark caves accessible only from the sea as well as its peculiar fauna and flora of the seabed.

Villas for sale Moraira are the best option for sea enthusiasts

Those who love water sports are lucky to know our villas for sale Moraira.

Moraira is a totally seafaring town. Its beautiful Moraira Yacht Club gives you the option of contracting the mooring of your yacht or renting a pleasure boat with which you can tour the coast and observe the coast from a very different perspective.

Can you imagine yourself in a boat in the middle of the sea observing the reddish tones of the sunset?

It also offers you the alternative of practicing various water sports, such as rowing or canoeing.

It has beautiful beaches where you can have fun in summer accompanied by your family. You have fun hydro-skates ideal for diving in the warm waters of the sea and spend an entertaining evening in the company of your friends.

It has small beaches of fine and crystalline sands, but also offers us other areas of rock and vegetation.

All of them offer the possibility of a quiet and relaxing bath, as well as the necessary services to make the day perfect.

On its beaches you will find security and lifeguard service during the summer season, sunbeds and sunshades rental, wooden walkways to the beach, showers and footwashes, toilets or car parks.

In our Villas for sale Moraira you will lead a healthy lifestyle

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, acquire one of our Moraira villas for sale in a good option.

In Moraira we have villas for sale in urbanizations located in the valley or in the mountains.

In this beautiful place you will be able to observe in freedom the protected birds of the environment such as the Bonelli's eagle, kestrels or little owls.

Imagine listening to the singing of small and colorful birds like the goldfinch, the nightingale or the greenfinch.

Hiking enthusiasts will take advantage of the wonderful temperatures that are enjoyed on the Spanish Costa Blanca to discover these beautiful spots, with their native flora and fauna.

Living in our villas for sale Moraira offers you the opportunity to know the culture of the environment

In your agricultural valley we offer you some of our villas for sale Moraira.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you see that this valley is totally cultivated by a variety of vineyards, "the Roman Muscat", with which an exquisite liquor "la Mistela" is made since Roman times.

Six kilometers from Moraira we find another small town, Teulada, where its located an extraordinary Auditorium on top of a promontory with enviable views to the whole valley and the Mediterranean Sea.

In this spectacular auditorium of immense proportions we find a varied program throughout the year.

Also popular and fun are its Patron Saint Festivities celebrated in the month of July, with its traditional "Bous al Carrer" and its "Moors and Christians", where the battles of reconquest, on the part of the Christians, of the Muslim domination are represented.

These festivities are accompanied by various ludic acts, festivals, parades, horseback riding, carriages, fireworks and much joy.

How are our Villas for sale Moraira?

We offer villas for sale Moraira of many types so you can choose according to your needs.

Our villas are modern design or traditional style. They have magnificent views over the Mediterranean Sea, its beaches or its cliffs.

 Others have unparalleled perspectives on the agricultural valley, of high landscape and environmental value, because it represents the traditional agrarian style of this beautiful municipality.

Our Moraira villas for sale are new or resale. They are built following the current building regulations. They have the necessary thermal and acoustic insulation.

Its large windows allow the entry of sunlight to all rooms, creating a warm and homely.

The kitchen, which is fully furnished, can be modern, rustic or classic. In addition, it has all the necessary appliances to make it easier for you to housework.

What do you have to do to visit the Villas for sale Moraira?

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