16 Mar 2018

Without any expectations, I started my penultimate Monday, as always at 10 clock in the office. After checking the emails, I went with Mirjam to Benidoleig for a viewing. This time it was not a house, but a restaurant including hotel rooms, bowls club, tennis etc. Quite different than a residential building! It was very interesting to witness such a visit and to see how such a conversation unfolds. The time required for such a viewing is much greater than for a residential building.

 In the afternoon, I was busy with various translation work. Lucy had already told me on Friday that I should keep the Monday night off. I did not know what to expect. Shortly after office closing time Berni came into the office, and we all went together to the restaurant "Boza", just a few steps from the office. Boza is a newly opened burger & grill restaurant in the heart of Moraira, very nicely decorated with very friendly staff and super delicious and lovingly prepared burgers. I got a little farewell present from everyone, which made me very happy! That will always remind me of my time here! When we were done with food, everyone was suddenly in a hurry, while I had no idea what was going on. So, we started walking towards the center and stopped in front of the bar "Floridita". I still did not know what was going on and why my landlords and some other friends of Mirjam were in the bar waiting for us. Then I saw around the corner, Juan, Lucy's husband, with his guitar and his microphone, I finally knew what was going on. He had an appearance that evening - and I was scheduled as a surprise guest. For those who do not quite understand what I'm talking about, short explanation: at home in Germany I sing at weddings as a hobby and Lucy & Co did not want to miss that. We then spent some nice, entertaining and memorable hours in the bar - thank you to everyone who came by especially and thanks for all the praise that has come to me for my little song contribution. 

Although I cannot listen to myself, I am really happy about any positive feedback! A very successful start to my penultimate week at Casas Ambiente.  

My work consisted this week mainly of writing emails to German customers and uploading new real estate on the website. Every week I have a better feeling for the whole process and I have to ask less and less questions. And every week, it's more fun, because I'm getting properly trained. I wrote my next blog entry and coordinated the translations so that it can be read in all languages. Already several people unknown to me have already addressed me on my blog and told me that they read it regularly and with great joy. I am very happy about that! Towards the end of the week the weather got much better and you did not even need a jacket.

 I visited the market on Friday and enjoyed the sun to the fullest. Who knows what awaits me in Germany next week! By chance I met a girl at the weekend, whose parents have a house in Moraira and are currently vacationing there. She is as old as I am and lives only 25 minutes from my place of residence in Germany! We got along really well right away and had a great time together, where we laughed a lot. We will definitely meet here again during the week and then meet again in Germany. What a nice coincidence.  Now I'm lying in bed trying to sleep, so that tomorrow I can start full of energy in my very last week. I can hardly believe that the time is almost over! With a tearful but happy heart, I let the last 2 months sink in and say farewell until next week, in which I will report in my last blog post about my last week and my farewell here.

 Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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