Villas for sale in Moraira - La Camarrocha

Villas for sale in Moraira - La Camarrocha

We know that your dream is to enjoy nature, the beach and the mountain at any time of the year. For that, a sunny climate with little rainfall is essential. In Moraira we have an average annual temperature of 20º. We offer you the possibility of buying one of our villas for sale in Moraira - La Camarrocha.

Moraira has a paradisiacal coastline, dotted with impressive coves suitable for carrying out water activities.

If, on the other hand, what you like is doing outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening or various sports, the Mediterranean climate of Moraira is the most suitable.

Why do we recommend villas for sale in Moraira - La Camarrocha?

Very close to the Moraira coast is "La Vall de les Sorts", an agricultural valley that represents the traditional agrarian landscape of the municipality. The villas for sale in Moraira-La Camarrocha enclave in this environment.

Due to its landscape and environmental value, it was declared Protected Landscape in 2006. It is an agricultural area where muscatel grapes are grown, from which an exquisite liquor typical of the area is obtained: "la mistela".

In this place you can still observe the flight of the Bonelli's eagle, of kestrels or little owls, as well as listening to the pleasant song of birds like the goldfinch, nightingale or verderón.

In this idyllic and exclusive environment, from where the sea views are impressive, there are the villas for sale that we offer you.

Buy your villa for sale in Moraira - La Camarrocha

Do not wait any longer to buy your villa for sale in Moraira - La Camarrocha. We take care of all the arrangements so that you can enjoy as much time as possible of the beach and the sun that the Costa Blanca offers you.

Get in touch with us and we will make an appointment. You will be surprised by our extensive portfolio of offers. Sure we have the home of your dreams.

We will advise you on the different procedures to be carried out in the purchase of a home. We facilitate the completion of various procedures such as applying for residence permits for foreigners and NIE processing, mortgage management, opening a bank account in Spain or contracting life, home, car, etc. insurance.

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