Sell a property in Javea

Sell a property in Javea

Is it time to hang up the "For Sale" sign? If you have made the decision to sell a property in Javea to buy a bigger one, save money or return to your first residence, come and visit us. Our estate agents can help you find your ideal buyer in record time. Listen to what they have to say and start now to put the sale of your property on track in a safe and professional way.

If it's clear to you that it's time to sell your property, don't wait any longer. There may be buyers waiting for an opportunity like the one you are offering. The sooner you advertise your property, the sooner they will be able to contact you and leave other options aside. Most likely there are similar properties to yours on the market: flats near the beach, villas with private pool, bungalows with large terraces, flats in gated communities with communal pool, etc. The key to success is to stand out from the crowd of properties and we know how.

At CASAS AMBIENTE we know the marketing techniques that currently work best to sell your property in the shortest possible time. Thanks to our experience, implemented strategies and digital skills we manage to sell a high volume of properties in less than half a year. Find out how.

Don't fall into these mistakes if you want to sell a property in Javea as soon as possible

Who wouldn't like to sell a property in Javea in the shortest possible time? The biggest concern for sellers is to see how their houses do not arouse interest over time and stagnate on the market. We often rush to publish an advert without taking into account several key aspects such as price, images or descriptions.

Why isn't my property selling? If you haven't heard from buyers interested in your property in a long time, something isn't working. Perhaps you have inflated the price, the quality of the images is not good or maybe you are not on the right platform. At CASAS AMBIENTE we can tell you what the problem is.

  • We offer you an accurate valuation of the price of your property.
  • We will design an attractive advert for you with a quality photo album, 360º videos, 3D floor plans, search engine optimised descriptions...
  • We provide you with a multilingual team that can mediate between international buyers. We speak six European languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch or Flemish.
  • We will make your property visible on a national and international level thanks to real estate portals, social networks, real estate websites, online advertising...

Do you want to sell a property in Javea in less than half a year? In CASAS AMBIENTE we make it possible

Whether it is your first time or if you want to float your property on the market, we recommend that you contact CASAS AMBIENTE. We will sell a property in Javea, Moraira or Calpe in record time!

  • Call us on +34 966 498 595 
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  • Visit us with your mask at the following address: Avda. de la Paz, 10 Bajo - 03724 Moraira (Alicante)

Sell a property in Javea

Selling a property in Jávea requires many aspects, you have to deal with many issues that you do not know or control. Many people start selling a house on their own and without the help of professionals to advise or guide them in this process. Selling a house is not easy, which is why they regret not having hired the services of a real estate agency and decide to abandon the path of selling it on their own.

If you are also thinking about how to sell your property, we advise you to avoid the long road of trying to sell it and save time and vital energy by contracting the services of the real estate agency in Jávea CASAS AMBIENTE.

Why CASAS AMBIENTE? We are a professional and family run agency with a long experience in Jávea and surroundings and we offer a wide selection of properties in Jávea both new and second hand.

Whatever your home will always be welcome, many clients have already trusted us with their villas, bungalows, townhouses, country houses, flats, flats, penthouses, duplexes, villas, etc.

CASAS AMBIENTE manages to sell an exclusive property in Jávea in less than 6 months

Throughout our 25 years working in the real estate sector, we have satisfactorily attended many clients who have wanted to sell a property in Jávea and who, after having obtained buyers for their houses, have been very happy and have even become friends.

CASAS AMBIENTE stands out for its good work during and after the purchase. We accompany our clients both in the sales process (price of the property, quality photographs, online and offline promotions, negotiation, contract management, etc.) and in the purchase process. We are a bilingual team resident in the area and therefore we know the area very well and we know very well how to sell it: through persuasive tactics and very powerful marketing resources.

Furthermore, if you decide to sell your house exclusively with us, you will sell it in a maximum of 6 months, as we continuously analyse our marketing data and we have been able to corroborate that 90% of exclusive houses are sold in less than half a year.

If you sell your house exclusively with us you will get many benefits: free energy efficiency certificate, advertising on national and international portals and social networks, promotion in newsletters, design of house plans, 360º degree video tour, low commission, etc.

Contact CASAS AMBIENTE to start selling a property in Jávea in an efficient way

Start selling a property in Jávea by contracting the services of CASAS AMBIENTE. Don't wait any longer and contact us today.

As soon as you call us, we will get to work and one of our agents, fluent in many languages, will evaluate your property free of charge, analyse all the characteristics of the property to publish a description that will attract future buyers as well as a quality photographic report with a professional camera to make an impact at first sight on those interested in buying houses in Jávea.

You can contact us easily. Just fill in the form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you prefer, you can also choose your preferred option:

  • Call +34 966 498 595 
  • Send an email to
  • Visit our offices at Avda. de la Paz, 10 Bajo - 03724 Moraira (Alicante).