Sell a house on the Costa Blanca

Sell a house on the Costa Blanca

Have you been wanting to sell a house on the Costa Blanca for a long time and the operation has not been formalized? Perhaps the most correct strategy is not being carried out. At CASAS AMBIENTE we will love to advise you on the best options to sell your house with the most advantageous conditions.

If the house receives few visitors, it may be overrated. The correct valuation of the home is one of the main factors to carry out the sale. To do this, you must take into account:

  • The location of the house: shopping area, parks, public transport, traffic ...
  • Conservation of the house: to reform or to enter to live
  • The current market price
  • The valuation of the competitor's homes

Another very important factor in attracting potential buyers is to show a house that is attractive, both during the visits of the interested parties and when the photographic report is made. It is essential to take professional, bright and quality photos that attract the attention of the client. To do this, you must show the house neat, clean, without personal effects or with objects in poor condition that cause a bad impression . The order and brightness enhances the spaciousness of the rooms, so you must raise the blinds, turn on all the lamps and check that there are no burned out bulbs .

Why trust CASAS AMBIENTE to sell a house on the Costa Blanca?

If you want to sell a house on the Costa Blanca and you are looking for the real estate agent who offers you the confidence and professionalism you need, contact CASAS AMBIENTE because:

  • We have been selling houses on the Costa Blanca for more than 25 years
  • We know all the procedures related to the sale of a house
  • We carry out a complex marketing campaign for our homes
  • We are trained to advise the buyer on the financing of the property

We have a long experience in the real estate sector and we know perfectly the towns of the Costa Blanca and their main characteristics. In addition, we have a team of multilingual agents and great experience in international customer service. We will be delighted to explain the different procedures related to buying and selling a house in Spain, as well as advising you in case you wish to finance your home. In addition, at CASAS AMBIENTE we will take care of all the purchase-sale procedures. We offer a wide advertising marketing campaign for our properties, much greater in our exclusive homes, of which we sell 90% in less than six months.

If you want to sell a house on the Costa Blanca, contact us today

Contact us today and you will quickly see our great professionalism to sell a house on the Costa Blanca. We will offer you a friendly and close treatment and we will gladly listen to what your wishes are related to the sale of your property.

We will explain our personalized marketing plan to sell your house and our working method. Depending on the characteristics of the home and the current market, we will set a correct price that competes with the rest of the existing homes on the market.

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