Exclusive KYERO interview with our director Rouben Brösen

Exclusive KYERO interview with our director Rouben Brösen
14 May 2024

In the fascinating Spanish property market, Moraira, a charming enclave on the Northern Costa Blanca, is an attractive destination for international buyers looking for their own slice of Mediterranean paradise. We are proud that our Real EstateAgency in Moraira, CASAS AMBIENTE, has been interviewed by KYERO, Europe's leading real estate portal. Our director, Rouben Brösen, was asked to share his valuable insights about the Moraira real estate market. Below, you can read the key points that were discussed in the interview.

1. Family legacy and business history

With almost a decade of experience in the sector, Rouben Brösen, together with his mother Mirjam, founder of Casas Ambiente 29 years ago, are a solid presence in the  real estate sector of Moraira and the surrounding areas. The company’sclient-focused approach and in-depth knowledge of the area have contributed to the agency's continued success.

2. Moraira: a magnet for international buyers

Located on the North Costa Blanca, Moraira has experienced demographic changes over recent years, with a decreasing number of Spanish residents and an increase in the number of international buyers especially Dutch and Belgian clients.

3. Team of multicultural real estate agents

Another topic that was discussed during the interview was the multicultural and multilingual team made up of agents of different nationalities to serve people of English, French, German and Dutch origin. This diversity not only facilitates communication with the international clientele, but also allows for a more personalised and adapted approach to the specific needs of each client.

The Dutch market occupies the majority of buyers with other nationalities such as Germans, French, Belgians, English, Swiss, Americans, Canadians, Polish and Scandinavians, who also show interest in purchasing with our Real Estate Agency in Moraira.

4. Moraira real estate market in 2024: challenges

Moraira stands out for its highly competitive real estate market where properties sell quickly and available inventory is limited. This dynamic has led to significant changes in the purchasing process, with a trend towards faster purchasing decisions by buyers, especially the Dutch, and without the need for loans. Therefore, our Real Estate Agency in Moraira is facing challenges such as property shortage and competition from newer and less established agencies.

5. Tips for potential buyers

Our director Rouben offers practical advice for those interested in purchasing properties for sale on the Costa Blanca. Headvises potential buyers to ¨do your research and only work with reputable agents¨ that can guide them through the purchasing process and offer a personalised service.

6. Technological innovation as a key pillar

Mr Brösen highlighted the importance of being prepared to act quickly in Moraira's competitive real estate market. Our use of remote viewing tools such as photos, videos, video viewing calls and 360-degree virtual tours enables our clients, many who live overseas, to benefit from a complete viewing experience both inside and outside of our available homes. Thanks to the use of technological tools, Casas Ambiente provides a complete view of the property online, thus accelerating and enriching the purchasing process.

To see the full interview on YouTube, click here https://youtu.be/D4yDKwo8cbk

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As leaders in the local real estate market, our Real Estate Agency is proud of its commitment to ethics and excellence. With a wide range of properties, from luxurious villas to apartments with sea views, we offer both new homes and resales, ensuring that each client finds their ideal property in the Northern Costa Blanca region. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is backed by numerous official certificates that guarantee our qualifications, ethics, honesty and professionalism. Feel free to contact us now with any questions you may have.

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