I'm thinking of buying a house in Moraira - what annual taxes will I have to pay for my new property?

Buying a house in Moraira
20 Dec 2022

Thinking of buying a house in Moraira? If you are in love with the beaches and the fabulous Mediterranean sun, maybe you are determined to buy a property on the Costa Blanca. At CASAS AMBIENTE, in addition to helping you find the home of your dreams, we will also offer you personalised and expert advice on the whole process of buying and selling your property and, in this way, avoid any unexpected surprises after buying your new property.

Once you are the owner of your new home, you will have to face certain maintenance costs. In Spain, one of the most significant municipal taxes is the IBI (Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles). You do not pay a fixed amount for this tax, as the rate varies depending on different parameters, among which we would highlight:

  • The locality and the area where the property is located
  • The type of property
  • The surface area of the property
  • Its cadastral value

Therefore, they are not taxed in the same way:

  • A house is not the same as a business premises, a storage room or a parking space. 
  • A villa, an apartment, a flat, a semi-detached house...
  • A large or small house
  • Two identical houses in two different municipalities
  • Houses in different areas of the same town

On the other hand, you should also bear in mind that the IBI is an annual tax that is paid by the owner of the property, regardless of whether he/she is a resident or non-resident.

If you are going to buy a house in Moraira, CASAS AMBIENTE will calculate the exact amount of IBI for you

CASAS AMBIENTE offers you its professionalism and its long experience in the real estate sector. Therefore, if you want to buy a house in Moraira, we will calculate the amount that you will have to pay annually for the Real Estate Tax related to your new property, taking into account all the parameters and even the possible reductions in specific circumstances.

From the cadastral value of the property we can calculate the IBI. This value is multiplied by a coefficient which is different in each town hall. In Teulada-Moraira the applicable coefficients are:

  • Properties on rustic land: 0.6%
  • Properties on urban land: 0.512%

Let's look at an example:

If you want to buy a house on urban land with a cadastral value of 100.000 €, the IBI calculation would be as follows:
100.000 × 0,512 / 100 = 512 €

All this without forgetting that possible deductions can be applied that modify the total amount to be paid.

Trust CASAS AMBIENTE when buying a house in Moraira and see how easy it is to move to Spain

Don't worry if you don't know the Spanish legislation on buying and selling property. If you wish to buy a house in Moraira, you only have to contact CASAS AMBIENTE and you will see how easy and fast we will manage the whole process.

Choose any of the following options to make your enquiries if you want to buy a house in Moraira:

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