Just when you really start enjoying ... my last week in Spain

Just when you really start enjoying ... my last week in Spain
26 Mar 2018

With bright sunshine and a smile on my face, I started my last week at Casas Ambiente. I did my work little by little, which I still had on my to-do list. E-mails to customers I've been in contact with in the last few weeks, my last blog entry, Instagram and Facebook posts, and a few more small tasks. On Tuesday evening I went with my girlfriend from Germany to the La Marina shopping center and then we spent the evening with her playing some board games. Time flew by, I did everything in the office that I still had to do and started on Friday morning with mixed feelings on my last working day. The last time having breakfast on the terrace, the last time driving up the beautiful coastal road to the office, the last time sitting at the desk overlooking the palm trees. Now I'm sitting here in bright sunshine. For lunch, I meet again with my girlfriend whom I met here. I have not yet packed my suitcases, but I always do that last minute. After we had cleared everything, I went with Rouben and his girlfriend to eat Spanish tapas and then home to slowly start packing my suitcase. On Saturday, I saw Rebecca one last time and at 17 clock I was then collected at Pepe la Sal by the Beniconnect shuttle. There I returned the car to Mirjam and was then ready to go home. My journey home went smoothly, and after a 2 hour flight I reached Karlsruhe in the midst of a blizzard. The trip home was very slippery, and at 1 o'clock at night the trip was over for me. I am very happy to be back home, but I will always remember my time in Spain and will certainly come back for a visit one day. One day we shall meet again

Thanks to everyone who followed my blog over the last 9 weeks! We have not reached the end yet, so the next 2 weeks are still open



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