It's time to breathe!

It's time to breathe!
21 Feb 2018

My 4th week at Casas Ambiente

My 4th week at Casas Ambiente started as usual on Monday morning at 10 o'clock, after a somewhat turbulent weekend, with a doctor's visit and lots of rain and wind. I am not homesick, but I must confess that I am looking forward to being in Germany again. It does indeed change someone, such a stay abroad. You learn a lot, even outside of work. To deal with complicated situations, to be alone, and (in my case) to live alone for the first time (for a longer period).

Personally, I know that this will not be for me in the long run - but that is exactly what you can learn from such a stay abroad. Since I lived in New York for 3 months last year, it does not take that long anymore. And of course I am also enjoying the time here! Despite the fact that the sun could come out a little more often, I appreciated working very close to the sea and being so involved with the Casas Ambiente team. Rouben, Mirjam, Lucy and Jose, and my landlords Mario and Andreas, really take care of me and make me feel like I have found a second home here, where I feel really at ease.

It is still relatively quiet in the office. There are only a few customers in the office and the phone rings rarely. Good for us! Because the website is still in the initial phase, there is enough work to be done. This week my focus was mainly on the portfolio of the surrounding area, collecting initial information, creating a PowerPoint file and trying to do the best possible research from the office. Without having been there before, it was relatively difficult in the beginning (I now remind you of my somewhat poor sense of orientation). But I still have a few weeks to go. Incidentally, we already have 238 Instagram followers on Instagram. It is growing slowly, but we just need a little bit of patience! After Mirjam returned to the office on Wednesday, I drove her to Jávea to meet an appraiser. She measured the house, which had already been sold to two Spaniards, and made a plan with all the important information and dimensions about the house.

Also on Thursday we were together again, this time we went to Teulada to the notary. Day after day I get to know both the environment and the people better. To be honest, my free time here is not too exciting. At the moment I enjoy not studying for the university in Germany and spending a lot of time on the terrace of my apartment, from where I can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea. If the weather cooperates, I will go on a discovery trip this weekend to see the area around Moraira and - hopefully - spend a day at the beach. I will report on my weekend and my 5th working week in my next blog post. Thanks again for reading!

Greetings, Julia

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