My third week and still here

My third week and still here
9 Feb 2018

My 3rd week at Casas Ambiente – The first Third

 At the moment, winter is starting to be felt in Moraira. After a rainy weekend, I finally met Jose on Monday. Jose is originally from the Netherlands and has lived in Spain since 2005. She sits in the office next to Lucy and, together with her, is responsible for all customer contact and all marketing tasks. This week has also brought a little bit of a routine for me. The more I go out on viewings with Rouben and Mirjam, the more I get an overview of the area and my not-too-great sense of direction improves. And so, the size of Moraira definitely suits me. On Tuesday, the first team meeting took place in the afternoon, where I was allowed to attend. We discussed what's coming up in the next few days, what could be done better and who's assigned which tasks. The meeting was, as is the everyday work in the office, very open and casual. If you so wish, you can also express any criticism at this point. This week, however, there was nothing to criticize and after an hour we were all well prepared for the coming days. Among other things, I got some new tasks that had to be implemented by the end of my internship. One of these is the creation of a portfolio of information about Moraira and all places in the area. This portfolio will then be published as a new category on our website. On the one hand, this helps all visitors to the website to get an idea of the area, and also those who already know the area well and are maybe looking for some undiscovered places. I will try to put as much information into the portfolio as possible! For me, this task is quite exciting, because I get to know the places quickly and can put my sense of direction even further to the test .  I also went viewing with Rouben twice this week. The customers on Monday were from Germany, more specifically from Stuttgart, where I come from. I was finally able to express myself as a real Swabian again, without any funny looks from anyone haha! The clients were in Alicante for a long weekend with their little daughter to view some real estate. They were very nice and we looked at several new buildings together with them. As yet, I had only visited traditional Mediterranean style houses. I personally like both - if I had to decide, I would probably opt for a modern, yet comfortable style. One more reason to make an effort now in my studies to someday be able to afford a second home here in paradise. Keep your dreams Alive ;-)



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