How Julia found Casas Ambiente Moraira

How Julia found Casas Ambiente Moraira
22 Jan 2018

Who I am and how I ended up at Casas Ambiente Moraira


Good day, Buenos días, Hello, Bonjour, Goedendag!

 My name is Julia, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Germany. I live in what you could almost call a “village” and I feel very at home there. After my graduation in 2015, I spontaneously decided to study at the International School of Management in Stuttgart.

In the 6th semester, I am studying International Management - an economics degree program that is geared towards languages in particular. In order to learn this subject not only in theory, but also in practice, a semester of internship abroad is obligatory. My semester abroad was completed in 2017 at Berkeley College, New York. Above all, I was able to reinforce my English language skills and profit from everything that a foreign experience can bring. As I also take Spanish as a major subject besides English, I have decided to complete my internship abroad in a Spanish speaking country. To narrow down the search, I chose the real estate industry. Why? Because so far I have not been able to gain experience in this area and Spain is well suited for it. When I realised just how big the range of real estate agencies in Spain is, I was about to change my mind and nail that idea to the wall. From a chance phone call with a previous holiday acquaintance, who was looking for a property in Spain at that time, I came to Casas Ambiente. She recommended the office of Mirjam and Rouben and 5 minutes later I sent the first e-mail. The contact was very open from the start, my family and I were glad to have found a contact person, and a place where I feel comfortable. A few e-mails and exams later it was clear: in January, I'm going to Spain - more precisely: to Moraira. Mirjam and Rouben help me to find a flat and on January 13 I stood with my suitcase, my Erasmus documents and full of excitement at the airport in Karlsruhe, from where I flew surrounded by pensioners and 2 ½ hours later arrived in Alicante where I was greeted by 18 Degree of warm air and deeply relaxed Spaniards. From then on, I no longer doubted my decision to come here for my internship. In my next blog entry, I shall write about my first week of work and how I feel in my new home 




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